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What is the New Covenant?

Quick Answer: What is the New Covenant? The Bible teaches the new covenant is a promise that God made to Himself to save completely all who believe in Jesus (Hebrews 6:13-18). It is the promise of total forgiveness for all sins (Hebrews 8:12); a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26-27; Hebrews 8:10); freedom from the Old Covenant law (Hebrews 10:10; Galatians 5:1); and adoption as God’s children (1 John 3:1; Hebrews 8:11; Galatians 4:6). It is the gospel of grace inaugurated in the blood of Jesus Christ (Luke 22:20, Hebrews 9:16-17).

Diving Deeper: The New Testament term for “covenant” (Gk. diatheke) means “will” or “testament.” It relates to our concept of earthly wills. We humans have beneficiaries that will receive some portion of our belongings when we die – an inheritance. In the Biblical context, the new covenant speaks of what God’s heirs receive because of the death of Jesus. When Jesus died (Luke 22:20; Hebrews 9:16-17), we became heirs of a new covenant with a spiritual inheritance in Him (1 Peter 1:4).

There are four major aspects to this new covenant: total forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 8:12; 10:14); a new heart in which Christ dwells (Ezekiel 36:26-27; Hebrews 8:10; Romans 5:5); freedom from the Old Testament law (Hebrews 10:10; Galatians 5:1); and adoption as God’s children (1 John 3:1; Hebrews 8:11; Galatians 4:6). These spiritual blessings (Ephesian 1:3) are given to all who believe (Hebrews 4:3; John 3:16-17; Ephesians 2:8-9).

The old covenant Law demonstrated the need for the new covenant (Galatians 3:19-20; Romans 3:19-20; Hebrews 10:3). The old covenant was between God and Israel, but the Jews could not keep their end of the bargain. This resulted in judgment from God (Hebrews 8:9). This is precisely why the new covenant is built upon God’s promise (Galatians 3:17-19), His oath to Himself (Hebrews 6:13-18), to remain faithful to us forever. 

The new covenant is God’s promise to Himself on your behalf, not your promise to Him. This is Jesus’ last will and testament that secures your inheritance forever!

Let’s Make It a Conversation!
1. Have you ever heard a message on the new covenant, why it’s so important, and why it’s so different from the old covenant?
2. Why do you think teaching on the new covenant is so rare?
3. React to this statement and apply it to the new covenant: You don’t earn an inheritance. Someone dies and you receive it.
4. Which aspect of the new covenant means the most to you: total forgiveness, freedom from the Law, a new heart, or adoption as children of God. Explain why.
5. The new covenant is a promise God made to Himself. What is the significance of this for you?

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