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How do you deal with worry and anxiety as a Christian?

Quick Answer: How do you deal with worry and anxiety as a Christian? Our worries are often the result of “what if’s” that penetrate our mind. We can only overcome worry when we realize we’re not in control of these “what ifs” or any other potential scenarios in our lives. All we can do is trust Christ as our life and allow Him to carry us through.

Diving Deeper: Worry and anxiety are constant companions for many of us. There we are, driving along, enjoying the beautiful weather, and suddenly we’re hit with a “what if” about our health, our job, or the safety of a loved one. We’re then distracted from the moment and journeying down a rabbit trail of fear in our thinking. What do we do in these situations? How do we stop worrying?

First, we need to admit we are not in control of our circumstances anyway. We may be able to influence certain situations, but the ultimate outcome is out of our hands. We are not God. At first, admitting this may seem scary, because we feel we’re losing control. But eventually, this realization frees us as we no longer carry the weight of our own lives. We can let Christ in us lead us through. We can be willing for Jesus to be expressed in any circumstance, whether good or bad (Philippians 4:11-12).

Second, we need to be careful in how we approach worry. If we simply try to fight worry with self effort, we’ll find that sin springs to life even more (Romans 7:8). Instead, we are to rely on the indwelling Christ and let Him reign in us. He will supplying us with His peace – an antivenom to worry!

God wants to lift our burdens (1 Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:6-7). He promises to help us through the difficulties of life and to give us His peace. He may not prevent certain events from happening, but He promises to supply us with the counsel of His Spirit in every circumstance.

Let’s Make It a Conversation!
1. Do you struggle with anxiety? How do your worries manifest?
2. React to this statement: You are not in control of anything.
3. How does the fruit of God’s Spirit within you address worry?

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